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a lot of people in sweden choose to dress like 80s glam rock stars for some reason. you can see them everywhere. there were posion t shirts, skid row tshirts and more than just the occasional axl rose headband... In the summer in Stockholm it never gets completely dark. the sun sets but the sky stays slightly lit up the whole night... perhaps my favourite thing about sweden is the word for thank you - "tack" - it's so much fun to say (try it now, you'll see, but pretend you're in a shop or something). also, in swedish, my surname means "mixed" instead of its less fortunate english meaning.

Hearing: keane is it any wonder (oui fm)

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hello. this weekend i am in sweden. we arrvied yesterday evening, afer travelling for half the day, which is the price you pay for very very cheap flights. .. stockholm is nice but its been raining most of the time so its hard to really get around and see things. tonight we went to the ice bar, as the name suggests a bar made entrely from ice. it was cool (haha). they give you jackets and gloves and even the glasses are made from ice. after about 30 minutes we went to a much warmer bar. i will post some pictures when i return.

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hello. a few weeks ago i went to berlin and copenhagen for 10 days, then last weekend i went to amsterdam

i have put some photos online here, if you would like to see them:

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a few weeks ago i went to prague and vienna. here are some photos:

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this is the view from my toilet window:

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heey. i feel like updating. i'm in vienna, i've been here since saturday and i'm going back to paris tomorrow morning. this city is ace. last week i was in prague with a friend but i'm in vienna alone. tonight i am going to see antony and the johnsons. i'm not exactly sure where it is but i think it's the fine arts uni here. lehargasse 6 it says on my ticket. if it doesn't work out they play in paris in a few days anyway. i'm looking forward to it. their's is one of my favourite albums right now. so, prague is pretty, too. it feels older than here. it has a thousand spires, true to its reputation. umm.. i saw kilmt's 'the kiss' yesterday at a palace. i like vienna, it feels brighter and cleaner and more modern compared with paris. it's cold here too. last night i went to the vienna state opera for 2 euro! bye!
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hello there. when i left i planned to start using lj again, and i'll i've managed to do is put photos up. but i'll try to start now.

it's saturday afternoon. i'm sitting in a cafe on the corner with my laptop, which has free wireless internet. no one is on msn, i assume because it's saturday night back in australia. by the way i'm on msn under 'pbland@comcen.com.au' if you'd like to add me. i can't seem to change it to my new email address without losing my precious conversation histories.

tonight we're all going to the seine for yet another picnic. there's always someone who's just arrived in paris who hasn't done it yet. (not to say i get bored of them) it'll probably be one of the last - it's very cold here already. it's autumn but the jackets and scarves were out before summer had even finished. maybe that's normal in this part of the world, but a strange sight for an australian.

i'm downloading music here in the cafe, for the first time in a while. you know that edith piaf song 'non, je ne regrette rien..." it used to be on a commercial for nescafe, about 10 years ago, featuring the sights of paris. i'd forgotten all about it until a lady was singing it on the metro. so i downloaded it. i've been listening to serge gainsbourg too, trying to use it to help me learn french.

ok, the battery light has gone red. time to go and do laundry. bye!
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Some people complained there are no people in my photos, so here are some people in Paris:

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Here are some photos of Paris

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who wants to come?
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